About us

About us

At Promise Recruitment, we are renowned for placing first-class temporary or permanent employees in various positions in the UK and abroad. Today, we recruit permanent, temporary, contract and interim opportunities, typically from second/third job levels upward. Businesses we work with range from SMEs to global blue-chip organisations.

The UK

Our business started in the UK in 1997, specialising in placing people with the right skills, qualifications and attitudes in firms with the right vacancies. We combine our local knowledge and global expertise to provide a specialised service to both employers and candidates.

Our diversity, equity & inclusion promise

We believe the world is a rich and diverse place full of fascinating cultures and people, who should be treated with respect and from whom there is much to learn.

We believe no one is born without talent or skill but not everyone is given the opportunity to maximise their skills or potential.

Employing and managing diverse people gives a more rounded and balanced organisation and allows them to be more adaptable to new situations. This is not simply about gender, ethnicity, disability or age: it is about open-mindedness, embracing non-conformity and creating balanced teams.

“Over a million jobs are created each year in addition to those from day-to-day turnover of already existing jobs in different occupations.”

Our expertise

Find out about our areas of expertise:
  • •    Banking and financial services
  • •    Construction
  • •    Digital
  • •    Driving
  • •    Engineering and manufacturing
  • •    Executive search
  • •    Facilities management
  • •    Finance
  • •    Graduate Roles
  • •    Healthcare
  • •    Health, safety and environment
  • •    Housing
  • •    Hotel & Catering
  • •    Human resources
  • •    Insurance
  • •    Industrial
  • •    Legal
  • •    Life sciences
  • •    Logistics
  • •    Marketing
  • •    Not-for-profit
  • •    Office Personnel
  • •    Offshore
  • •    Oil and gas
  • •    Policy
  • •    Procurement and supply chain
  • •    Property
  • •    Public sector
  • •    Retail
  • •    Sales
  • •    Technology
  • •    Transformation

Our global Reach

Our ultimate goal is to have offices in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. We work with various sourcing partners at these locations.
You can contact us to discuss your hiring requirements or please submit your CV if you’d like to be considered for job opportunities.